Nassau Airport Guide to Lynden Pindling Nassau International Airport (NAS)

Nassau Airport Terminal C

Nassau Airport Terminal C exclusively serves U.S. Departures. 

Transfer between Terminals

You can transfer between terminals within a 5-minute short walk since they are all connected to each other by the central hub. U.S. terminals are connected at their secure area. 


Nassau Airport Terminal C has a single level split into three section:

- Food Court: Find in the section food & drink concessions, the patio lounge and toilets. 

After clearing U.S. Customs:

- Lounge: To rest and relax prior to board your flight. Find the patio lounge and toilets. 
- Boarding gates: Along a couple of concourses, find the gate B30 and C40 to C46 and C51 to C59. Services available: Retail stores, food and drink concessions, patio lounge, children’s play area, toilets and escalators and lifts to access from the lower section of the terminal. C gates have also access to the ground level. 


The following airlines are available in Nassau Airport Terminal C:

- American Airlines: +242 702 7321
- Delta Airlines: +242 377 7305
- Jetblue Airways: +242 702 7311
- Pineapple Air: +242 702 7201
- Silver Airways: +844 674 5837
- Southern Air: +242 377 2015
- Southwest: +242 702 7335
- United Airlines: +242 702 7342
- West Jet: +242 702 7247


Find the following services and amenities in Nassau Airport Terminal C: 

- Information desk
- Free Wi-Fi internet connection 
- Airport Medical Centre 
- Airport lounges
- Baggage trolleys
- Duty free shop
- Luggage wrapping 
- Retail stores
- Toilets
- Smoking allowed areas
- ATMs
- Parenting rooms
- Wheel-chair renting service
- Children’s play area
- Retail shops
- Showers

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